Distance 拒離

Title: Distance 拒離

Type: Documentary

Length: 15:50  minutes

Studio Name: Coriander Studio


During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, many countries have implemented the social distancing rules. Adults work from home, children study and play at home, and the elderly stay at home. It seems that it was a golden opportunity to lay down all work and enjoy the family time. Will the decreased physical distance at home reinforce family bonding and intimacy? Or, will it trigger conflicts and alienation among the family members? Will the increased social distance outside dilute friendship and cherished memories?

This documentary film revolves around an old couple and their relationship with people around them. Senior citizens do not share the same experience with the young generation, who can gain emotional support by socialising with friends through virtual media. The lockdown is more like a trial to the couple’s marriage, as now they need to face each other 24 hours a day. The protagonist of the film, Kuk Je, has lived with her husband Cheung Shuk in Kowloon Bay for around ten years. Kuk Je did not need to take care of her grandchildren and she enjoyed her life with neighbours and brothers and sisters in the same church before the pandemic. When the pandemic struck Hong Kong, she was “locked” at home. At the same time, Cheung Shuk lost his job as a helper in a Chinese restaurant. How did the old couple ride out the storm of the pandemic and save their already precarious marriage fraught with distrust and coldness?



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